Sugar Beach Events - New Venue, Same Talented Vendors

our personal mahalo to Darren and Shane, and Anna Kim Photography

what a pleasure this wedding event was!


Wedding Ceremony + Reception: Sugar Beach

Wedding Coordinating: Darren & Shane of Bliss Wedding Design & Spectacular Events Second Photographer: Jessica of Anna Kim Photography Florals: Della of Dellables Caterer: Chef Lee of Sugar Beach Events Wedding Makeup: Liz Javelrosa DJ: DJ Del Sol Wedding Cake: Maui Sweet Cakes Calligraphy: Miss B Calligraphy Polynesian Entertainment: Manutea Nui E


Sugar_Beach_Wedding 1
Sugar_Beach_Wedding 2
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2 Responses to “Katelyn + Eric’s fabulous wedding ~ Sugar Beach, Maui”


    I am Chef Lee’s aunt and you all did a fabulous job on her first event in her new building. The pictures are beautiful as the Bride and Groom were. The entire wedding party was gorgeous. I sincerely hope you and Lee can form a beautiful working relationship and the very best wishes to the new Bride and Groom. Great job, everyone..


    What beautiful photos….and such a magnificent venue….

Anna Kim Photography & Dellables @ Olowalu

Anna Kim makes the magic palatable, again!




Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Olowalu Plantation House, Maui Wedding Coordinator: Tina Digman of Food for the Soul Catering: Food for the Soul Wedding Makeup: MeiLi Autumn Wedding Hair: Dan Sanchez Salon Florals: Dellables Second Photographer: Jessica of Anna Kim Photography Bar: Stacey of Maui Bars Are Us DJ: DJ Dan Maui


Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 1
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 2
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 3
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 4
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 5
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 6
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 7
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 8
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 9
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 10
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 11
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 12
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 13
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 14
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 15
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 16
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 17
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 18
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 19
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 20
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 21
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 22
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 23
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 24
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 25
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 26
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 27
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 28
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 29
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 30
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 31
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 32
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 33
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 34
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 35
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 36
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 37
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 38



Dellables & Vera Wang

Lahaina Animal Farm extracts from the Vera Wang piece with notations on pictures.  Enjoy!

Real Weddings


JUNE 21, 2013 / 0 COMMENTS

Bride:  Hollie Bostrom Groom:  John Xitco Wedding gown style: Hayley Wedding date: April 1, 2013 Boutique purchased: Marcella’s La Boutique | Seattle, WA Location: Lahaina Animal Farm | Maui, HI Photographer:  TAMIZ Photography

floral links hand made by Dellables

First things first, where did you meet your husband?  How did you know he was the one?

I met my husband six years ago at a dress rehearsal for a non-profit fashion show I was hosting for our local zoo.  He owns three restaurants in our city and he catered the dress rehearsal.  The meeting was brief and it wasn’t until over a month and a half later we exchanged business cards “professionally”… We had a date the next weekend and now here we are.
groom lei and hair florals by Dellables

How did he propose? Tell us the story!

One glorious morning in April 2011 John and I awoke from our first night of slumber in the dreamy beds at the Four Seasons Resort at Wailea.  I hesitantly rolled myself out of bed and into the bathroom .  John popped up out of bed and immediately broke open the breakfast menu.  We love room service.  We both have such insanely busy lives that most of our vacations consist of sitting in our hotel room, watching tv, and ordering room service.  We consolidate our thoughts for our breakfast order.  He is getting espresso, a frittata, and bacon.  I decide to go with coffee, two eggs over medium and turkey bacon.
Our food arrives.  John and I sit down to unveil our food from their metal tents and a black veil of disappointment sets over my face.  My turkey bacon looks nearly transparent like the cook used a potato peeler on the skin of the turkey and threw it in a pan to fry. Gross.  I slyly reach across the table to snag a piece of John’s amazing looking bacon and he asks, “What are you doing?” I respond, “Taking a piece of bacon” and John said, “NO, you have your own bacon.”  I could not believe he said no.  I told him, “Fine.  I guess I will eat my two little eggs and some fruit and STARVE all morning.”  I wanted to flip the table over.
John politely recommended that I could call room service and order some bacon.  I just stared at him with ‘duh’.  I told him that I would call room service except that I am not Mrs. Xitco and wouldn’t be able to sign for the bacon (I know, full on tantrum).  John rose from his seat and disappeared to the bedroom.  I just sat at the table pissed at my turkey bacon, occasionally picking it up and tearing it into pieces as though I was punishing it for not being bacon.  John came back into the room with his hands behind his back.  I looked up at him and he fell to one knee and said, “How about you become Mrs. Xitco and then you can order your own bacon.”
Oh man, how dumb and excited did I feel!  He still didn’t share his bacon.

Once the wedding plans started, what made you decide on a Vera Wang gown?

 Texture, Quality, Architecture, Fit, Textiles, Color.

hair florals by Dellables

 How did you accessorize to make your wedding day unique?

 Debra Moreland PARIS “Glad Tidings” Necklace, Kantor Diamonds (earring studs), Jimmy Choo “Diva” Shoes


Kiawe Arch by Dellables


What was the inspiration or theme for your wedding?

It all started with the dress.  I tried on the white version of Vera Wang’s ‘Hayley’ and knew I absolutely did NOT want a white dress (boring and not me) and when I found out it also was available in nude I jumped on the opportunity and ordered it blind.  Vera’s inspiration and vision of the ‘Hayley’ had me hook, line and sinker.  She said that the dress embodied “the pageantry of the Paris Opera”.  SOLD!!  I admire textiles and the “Hayley” has major textiles.  Vera used fabric manipulations in place of sparkle in order to give the dress vavoom.  I have a personal affinity for dresses worn by the noble women in the 19th century.  This dress delivered not only the 19th century but a bouncing and yet organic look that I felt complimented the environment around me (oh Hawaii).  The venue was chosen due to its juxtaposed nature to our couture attire and then balanced out with a Native American infused ceremony officiated by my step-father (my mom, sister/maid of honor, step-father and myself are all Native American).  An event balanced by fantasy and reality.


Did you incorporate any other Vera Wang products into your wedding?  If so how?

 My super spoiled and well-deserved twin sister and maid of honor (Heidi Bostrom) wore the “Jane” dress.


Did you stay true to the Old English wedding rhyme: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. If so, what were yours?

Sort of….My mom pinned a 100 year old handkerchief to the inside of my dress which represented the honor of our family of the past (old).  Everything was new (new).  My borrowed component came from the eagle that dropped our beautiful ceremonial eagle feathers (borrowed).  My hand made garter offered a sweet touch of blue (blue).

table decor by the magicians at Dellables

What tips do you have for new brides picking out their wedding dress?

1.    Bring an honest friend, a non-honest friend, a mom (more of a statement versus a literal definition), and an open mind. 2.    Envision your venue, imagine the environment, and then determine how you can become a complimentary component to it all. 3.    If all else fails…try, try again. 4.    Remember, ITS YOUR WEDDING!!!!!  Someone offering to buy your dress is considered to be a gift not an unsaid oral contract for dictatorship.



What was your favorite part of the day? And, are there any other anecdotes you would like to share?

First of all I would have to say that the ceremony was my favorite part.  It was unlike anything anyone has ever seen.  We did an exchange of eagle feathers, spoke our vows (a Cherokee Prayer), exchanged in special gifts for John’s kids, and my step-father was our officiant.  The ceremony meant so much to me spiritually.

The most fun part was the pictures!  I asked Rebecca and Jonathan (TAMIZ Photography) prior to the shoot with John and me that I would like our pictures to be shot like an editorial.  I wanted our pictures to look vogue and artistic.  I wanted them to look staged but not.  Being of an artsy background I would not tolerate ‘the norm’.  John and I had sooo much fun doing the shoot.

Well, this whole wedding was ‘do it yourself’.  John and I planned every detail to our wedding.  We made amazing friends with our vendors and were able to experience the entire process, start to finish.  I highly advise, if you have the organizational skills and enjoy sleepless nights, to plan your wedding.  We both carry an invaluable connection having survived the process and a feeling of self-gratification and accomplishment as we watched our wedding grow from conception to birth. I personally would not have done it any other way.

Amazing Centerpiceces

Opportunities abound in the Maui wedding market for quality table arrangements.

They can go from something simple with some floating plumerias in water to something...well, like this arrangement on the left.

Dellables created this mockup for a client's review and we thought it would be fun to share with all of you!

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Post of a Post...

The Internet is a great data gathering tool! Just this morning, we saw a post on one of our favorite blogs, Events by Evonne, where Evonne was being featured on one of her favorite blogs, Melissa's Smitten.

Evonne did indeed put together quite an event at the featured wedding, and used our Dellables florals and dining canopies. It was indeed a presentation that took the magic up a notch, even for those of us used to seeing fine weddings.

We blogged this same wedding at home back in October as well, Elegance by the Sea.

It was a wedding worth writing about, again and again...

Glass, Water & Flowers

These 14 inch wide, 5 inch tall vases were absolutely PERFECT for a low slung table arrangement. The Bride wanted to avoid placing anything in between her guests at the tables, so she commissioned these from

The Bride's Mom really liked the idea of submerged glass beads with backlighting and didn't want to have them hidden with flower stems.

So, Della devised a clever method of suspending the ORCHIDS in a false roof at the top of the vase.
The look was a big hit with the Wedding Guests, and it could be for YOU TOO!

email Della about this