Another Amazing Haiku Mill production

Whenever Dellables gets the opportunity to work at the spectacular venue Haiku Mill we jump at it.

Situated on Maui's north shore, upcountry a couple of miles in the "sweet zone" within the elegant ruins of an old sugar mill one immediately transports to another time.

Think rural Italy or Switzerland meets Hawaii.  Very unique of all the great venues on this island.

Makena Weddings & Dellables

There is this symbiotic relationship between flowers and feathers that creates a special kind of magic.

Add glass, crystals and the light bending special nature of water and you've got just what this fortunate Makena Weddings Bride enjoyed.

Dellables had the wonderful pleasure of working with Laurie and Al Terry at Makena Weddings at this Sugarman estate venue here on Maui.

Fantastic fun!