Good Karma Photography, Hawaiian Island Wedding Planners and Dellables

Bring on the best!  Good Karma Photography, Hawaiian Island Wedding Planners and Dellables!
This was a busy day and we had fun making sure it came together perfectly.  Big thanks to Karma Hill and Tori Rogers.


LA Lakers meets Tropical Ballroom Wedding - Mark and Stephanie's Maui Wedding Preview - by Maui wedding photographer Karma Hill

I had so much fun documenting Mark and Stephanie's unique and beautiful Maui wedding!  
They are both avid Lakers fans so they wanted to incorporate their shared love of the team 
into their wedding day! They had Lakers purple as their main color and used some of the great
Lakers players names and photos as their table markers. Although they incorporated a 
basketball theme they did not lose any glamour! Their tables sparkled with crystals and 
overflowed with colorful purple orchids.  

Mark and Stephanie live in California but had 90 guests attend their Maui Wedding, that just 
shows how much these two are loved by their friends and family.  This was such a love filled, 
happy event, it was truly a joy to be a part of!  Thank you so much Mark and Stephanie for 
inviting me to be a part of your wedding day!

Special thanks to these vendors who helped create their beautiful day:
Wedding Coordinator: Tori Rogers, Hawaiian Island Wedding Planners
Floral Design: Dellables
Hair & Make-up: Dan Sanchez

and a VERY special thank you to Sasha Prince who helped me shoot this wedding!

I love the look on his face as he sees his bride in her dress for the first time!

LOVE the Stephanie & Mark bobble head dolls, a gift at her shower.

The Bride & Groom's Sweetheart table 

A cookie bar! YUM!

This group was so much fun!

Anna Kim Photography at Merrimans with Dellables


Stephanie and Drew were destined to get married on Maui.
They spent their first date at dinner, chatting away for five hours, and closing the restaurant down at midnight. That didn’t make for a happy waiter, but they didn’t seem to mind, there was an instant connection between the two of them and they didn’t want the night to end. A few weeks later, Drew went on a trip to Maui without Stephanie. While away, he desperately missed Stephanie and wished they could experience the island together. He spent hours on the phone with her and when he wasn’t on the phone he was sending her texts, all of which accumulated to a hefty cell phone bill: One THOUSAND dollars. Crazy! With the amount of money spent on phone calls, he could have simply flown her out. One thing is for sure, they were crazy in love.
Since then, they have visited the Hawaiian islands together on several occasions. On one particular trip to Kauai, Drew surprised Stephanie by proposing. It was only fitting that they decided to have their wedding in Hawaii.
There was a tremendous amount of thought that went into all the details of their wedding, from the engagement spoon (which was a gift from her mother-in-law which was passed down from her mother), to the buttons on the bouquet (from her mom’s wedding dress), to their names embroidered in her clutch, to the adorable cake toppers. I could sense Stephanie was a little nervous, but that melted away as soon as she walked down the aisle towards Drew, who was stunned by how radiant Stephanie looked. Her long cathedral veil billowed in the wind, which was a treat to photograph.
Congratulations on a breathtaking wedding, Stephanie & Drew!
Wedding ceremony & reception: Merriman’s in Kapalua
Officiant: Dennis DeRego
Floral Design: Della of Dellables
Hair Stylist: Dan Sanchez
Make-Up Artist: Leah Yniguez
Wedding Cake: Maui Wedding Cakes
Ceremony Music: Celia Canty of Heavenly Harps
Wedding Reception Music: Marvin Tevaga
Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3951Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3953Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3948Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3952Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3949Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3950Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3954Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3958Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3960Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3962Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3956Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3955Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3957Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3959Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3961Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3963Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3964Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3966Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3968Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3969Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 4432Stephanie + Drew's Maui Wedding 3967

Beauty by the Bay, Merriman's Kapalua & Dellables

Merriman's at Kapalua is perched on the southern edge of Kapalua Bay.  It's close enough to feed the turtles from your barstool....if such things were allowed.

Danielle coordinates the events at Merriman's and orchestrated our latest Dellables Wedding Design and Florals presentation there.

Feast your eyes on the great ideas here, not just in decorating the tables but also the men folk.

Boutonnière's for the Groom or the groomsmen can fit nicely into whatever they are wearing.

Open Ti-leaf lei for the men can decorate them without the use of flowers or fragrance.  Very popular

Here the Groom accents his already styling coat ensemble with a splash of color and texture befitting any formal event in Hawaii.

Table Dance

Table Dance!

Before you take off your shoes and jump up, lets speak of Table Arrangements from Dellables!

Today's Lucky Bride ordered her own table decorations for a private dinner at the famous Merrimans in Kapalua.

Here, Della created a work of art for her client who LOVES pineapples and everything tropical.

Several of these graced each table setting, wrapped in natural materials right from the Maui jungles, sustainably of course!

Add something unique to your wedding reception, or private dinner....

now jump up on that table! (just watch out for the sea urchin shells...)