Today's Lucky Bride

Today's Lucky Bride had only her groom, a minister and a musician to share the beautiful Sugarman Estate out at the end of the road in Makena.

Dellables created her vision of a four posted Chuppah with four floral arrangements, topped with a garland astride a full rose petal pathway.

As usual, the weather was pristine on Maui's southern shore.  The turtles were frolicking without any interference from those pesky oversized mammals the whales.  There were even a scattering of humans out and about enjoying the colorful reef and refreshing waters.

Today's Lucky Bride

Olowalu Plantation House, situated oceanside on about 3 acres of manicured lawn is a very popular place to get married.

The site fee is near the high end, but the location is absolutely worth every C-Note.

As such, the vendors, I find, do their best work here.  The weather is famously fab, the breezes cooling and the view, AH THE VIEW can catch the breath of even an old seasoned Kama'aina like myself.

Today's Lucky Bride had the great pleasure of taking her vows within the special magic of a Dellables chuppha adorned with three floral arrangements.  (click the images for big enlargements)

A Paradise Dream Wedding put on this fine event, and their great photo guy, Ian Shepard, was there to capture the moment. 

Life is good on Maui!

Maui on My Mind

One thing Maui enjoys as much as it's BEAUTY, WARMTH and OUTDOORS is it bountiful WIND!

We have some WIND here that will take the curls right out of your hair, on occassion.  Not tornados, hurricanes or thunderstorms, but TRADEWINDS that will take your umbrella all the way to Molokai and never get it wet.

In Kahana, out beyond Lahaina and Kaanapali are some beautiful private homes on spectacular coves and beaches. had the great pleasure to set up one of our new WIND-CHUPPAHS, using a new technique for anchoring the fabric!  It worked well.  In fact, this picture was takent he next day! Everything was still in place, despite all night and morning of 30knot trades.

Here, another classic shot from the lawn.  Absolutely Maui!

Maui's Beautiful Kahana area

The girls from (Della and Angela) had a beautiful and WINDY day to setup at the Robinson estate out on Maui's northwest coast.

You can see as well one of our unusual 3 posted chuppas, with the island of Molokai in the background.

The wind was an easy 30 knots, requiring extra tie downs and stakes, but as in any wedding - THE SHOW MUST GO ON! All the vendors involved made the extra efforts to keep the Bride and Groom smiling.

Check out the incredible arrangements adorning the bamboo! They used them for table arrangements later at their dinner.

And, the sunset wasn't too bad either!

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Seaside Dining Delight

As evening approached on the south Maui coastline, on this multi-acre private estate in Makena, Honua Kai Lani, the elegant Bamboo Dining Canopies were waiting patiently for their inhabitants.

Paper lanterns swung lightly in the fragrant air moving ever so slightly out toward the reef and the dozens of playful turtles. The afternoon tourist snorkelers were all gone, leaving the stillness to a very fortunate Wedding party.

This 11 acre ocean side estate has many great locations to setup either dining canopies or arches or large dancing floors! Dellables situated their dining location mere steps from the ocean on a small point framed by a nice jungle and a small sandy cove. Lovely only begins to describe what you feel, not just see. Put a couple of Hawaiian islands (Lanai, Molokini and Kohoolawe) on the near horizon and you have nothing short of Magic.

Now add some enhancements and you are there!
Check out this custom ordered, custom designed head table arrangement that met the Bride's unique idea of "going green"! We constructed the bamboo lined container from recycled wood and filled it with fine Maui soil and her favorite miniature bear grass.

This grass is now planted, and thriving, at the Nursery on the tropical north shore of Maui.

Finally, you must take a look at the tall black bamboo chuppa! Here, the couple exchanged their vows on yet another outcropping of land in this spectacular location. It borders the first cove ever anchored by European explorers way back when, La Perouse Bay.

This is one of our favorite locations to setup!