The Bride's Dressing Room at Haiku Mill

One of the most rewarding parts of Wedding Floral Design is putting the floral presentation together in the Bride's Dressing Room.

Haiku Mill has a special place for this that we absolutely love to use.  A private room where we present our intimate work for the Bride, her Bridesmaids, Flower Girl and other ladies with her.

It is here that the Bride catches her breath in a personal celebration that her floral dreams have indeed come true.  Being a part of that moment is what makes it all so rewarding.  Dreammaking is what the vendors in the Maui wedding industry live for.

The venues are our "sets", our palettes to which we aspire to perfect with a moment of flowers, or dance, or music or a morsel of food so savory you talk of it for years.

Syliva has one such venue.  The "elegant ruins" of Haiku Mill take one back to a time when details were important and clocks were unused.  Tropical and stone, glass and light, distressed wood and beautiful flowers all await those time travelers fortunate enough to find themselves here.

Maui has many special places, but keeps its secrets close to her heart.  As you celebrate your time here you might be fortunate enough to feel the magic others have also felt here.  It is indeed an exclusive club.