Molokini Event

This unique design fits the Maui Bride perfectly. With a light breeze and a tropical sunset, the light absolutely sings on it's way to the Bride's smile.

Add a beautiful location like The Seawatch Restaurant and you have another reason to consider Events By Evonne for your Coordinating services.

The organic Bamboo structure is generously draped in Ivory Organza and set gently into the warm island grass. Topped with a collection of exquisite Orchids in a garland and framed by tropical flowers arranged at heart and eye level this Chuppa dazzles!

Now surround a flower-petal pathway with Chair Decor and the excitement only builds. The small island in the distance is Koholawe an uninhabited island slowly being reclaimed from years of military use. Just off camera is the famous Molokini Atoll ~ a diver's playground of half collapsed volcanic crater (no worries - it is extinct) and more fish and turtles than you could realistically count.

Table arrangements, customized for this wedding, graced the tables of the Seawatch Restaurant Lower Lawn Area (a private area) for a party of 50 and a crew of dozens making it all happen.
The amazing table linens and chair sashes were provided by Debbie Fisher at Pacific Event Group, Inc. Really, really nice.

The Menu at the Seawatch is well within most budgets. The service is great and the drive from most of the South Side hotels, resorts and condos is under 10 minutes. However, if you are staying in Lahaina, Kaanapali or as far as Kapalua, you better give Wailea Limo 90 minutes driving time. * Don't worry, it's a Beautiful Drive!

The Bride designed her own wedding favors and we helped beautify the table with a Wedding Favor Table Arrangement.

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