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  • swong11
    Wedding: 11/8/2011
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    Spectacular Bouquet   posted 2/11/2012
    I had found Dellables while doing a search online for someone who could do my bouquet for me. Her site does NO justice for her work at all but she is spectacular. We chatted over email about what I wanted, and I told her old hollywood chic, elegant and gorgeous. I initially wanted all white flowers as a lot of modern brides have but when I saw the pop of color from her site, I KNEW I wanted bright amazing colors instead. I'm not a flower person so I didn't help with many flower choices, but I did tell her I also like the romantic style of garden roses and the like. The bouquet she made me was BEAUTIFUL. I stuck with purple, blue, white, dark purple, red colors. She had an assortment of flowers and hit my vision out of the park! I mailed her some 'beads/jewels' that she used individually, white and blue ones, she didn't use them all but just a few which was just the perfect 'sparkle' if you may. She also incorporated back feathers around the base of the bouquet, and she found this beautiful beaded/jeweled piece to go around the base of the flowers which completed the look exactly. I couldn't be more happy especially when she had to work with me who knows nothing about flowers or how to arrange them or otherwise. They were incredible. I must say my bouquet was expensive, just for the fact they were a bouquet, but she's the same price as everyone else on the island if not on the more inexpensive side. I would hands down have NO problem recommending her to anyone. We were on a strict budget and I was going to go pick up my bouquet to save $50.00 delivery, but she was so concerned with how they looked so took off the charge and delivered them to us on the day of herself. SO wonderful she did, we really really appreciated that as we're still of course paying off our wedding now, months later and more months to come. Dellables is worth every penny IF you want a spectacular bouquet. If not, there are MANY other florists on the island who don't care as much nor will their bouquets blow your mind! But choice is yours.. If you're wondering about my tastes..well let's just say she's the caviar of florists on the island, and I have caviar tastes!!!