Exotic Flowers (a series)

Being in the Flower Business, we have become impressed over the years by the amazing variety of flowers, both in shape and color.

Here are three examples of something so wild and beautiful that we wonder if they are even available outside of Frankenstein's lab.

In fact, we are still researching the names of these wonders!  But hey, that's the fun part, eh?  Couple of hours to kill, some chai tea and Google, and one can learn just about anything about anywho.

Orchids are famous for evolving into strange and menacing shapes, at least that is if you are a curious insect.  The islands of Hawaii have orchids growing all over the place, like weeds.  Rumor has it that on the Big Island, a retired airline captain loved one particular variety of orchid so much that he regularly rented a small plane and literally threw many thousands of seeds outside over the landscape.  This variety is, as you would expect, quite commonplace.

Imagine if you would, the wonderful world of flowers, if you are a pollinating insect.  It's like DisneyLand every day!  All those colors, all those tastes, all those other insects drunk with nectar!  Someone call a cop -

Of course, you don't need to, all those marauding eight legged dew gatherers are harmless.  Well, after they eat, you might call them that.  Before:?  Watch out!

We do hope to bring you many fine images from the web regarding the absolute plethora of flower varieties,  hopefully some you may not have ever seen.

Don't let the black orchid cloners have all the fun - tune into Dellables and see what the latest creation is.

It's fun, it's educational, and it is LOW CALORIE BABY!!!