Jocelyn's Monday Report # 9

Blog 9

A week after returning home from Maui, Fred and I really started putting plans in place. Our ceremony and reception locations were immediately locked down with deposits.  We also officially retained Cherise as our wedding planner. 

Previously, we had our immediate families review all of our hotel videos.  Based on their votes and our personal preferences, we made a final decision to go with the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa as the host hotel for our destination wedding.  It really was the best of all worlds: a beautiful tropical resort with reasonable rates (for Maui that is), options for ocean front rooms, amazing amenities, nearby shopping, and close proximity to our wedding venues. 
At this point, it was time to officially announce our plans to everyone!!  We started mostly with word of mouth of our plans to immediate family, which trickled out to other family members and close friends.  After we started sharing information about our Maui wedding plans, not everyone was aboard the excitement train like we were. Fred and I did receive some backlash, which was a bit disappointing.  “Why can’t you have your wedding here?” “Why must we pay all this money to go somewhere else?”, “What a silly idea!” 
Gosh it was crazy, and I confess that my once enthusiastic feelings of getting married far away turned a bit sour at first.  My advice to those currently planning weddings is rather simple: say no to people!  Sticking to your guns will be the hardest part of planning your wedding.  You will inevitably be confronted with people who want you to make plans more convenient for them or more in line with what they envision for your big day.  But realize, like Fred and I did, that if it is not something you like or want, saying no is really okay. Remember, family and friends are very forgiving and will get over it eventually.