Jocelyn's Monday Report #6

Site Visit Part 2- Blog 6

Early in the morning on our first day in Maui, we left our hotel room and headed to the car.  This was the first time Fred had a glimpse of Maui in the daytime.  He was mesmerized, just like me.  It was unlike anything we’d ever seen; simply breathtaking. 
We were heading to Wailea for what would turn out to be a very long day of hotel and area scouting, videotaping and photographing ending with dinner at our top ranked reception location Gannon’s.  Before we knew it, we arrived in 10 minutes flat!  Our first stop was the Grand Wailea.  This place was just unreal.  I think our mouths were literally hanging open the entire time we toured this extravagant resort. 
As we glided past lush greenery, statues and ponds of exotic fish into the hotel, we were welcomed by friendly staff offering this incredible punch, which I could literally have drank bowls of.  In fact, I almost asked if they could package some for me to take back to Chicago….. almost.  We politely asked the front desk attendant if we could view a room onsite, as well as receive some group rate information.  She kindly agreed to both.
Following our tour of the majestic and opulent Grand Wailea, we drove over to the Four Seasons to browse.  There is something so magical about the Four Seasons.  It’s understated yet modern take on luxury is why it is consistently rated the best.  We came to view the on-site restaurant Spago as a potential reception venue.  In fact it was one of our top contenders at the time.  The food was rated high, the view from the restaurant was incredible, and it was the Four Seasons, so I was sure that service would be top-notch.  However, Spago was going through construction, and we couldn’t really get an idea of how it would look after everything was completed.   There were also tons of limitations regarding what vendors you could hire which didn’t sit pretty with me. 
Somewhere between our Spago viewing and dinner, we lost track of time.  We decided to sit down near the Four Seasons pool for a “short” break.  I think as soon as we sat, we entered a tranquil state of zen that could not be escaped.  Originally we planned to view another hotel but before we knew it, it was time for our dinner reservation. The hours just seemed to fly by.  I may have even time traveled.  I seriously have no idea what happened.  Island time officially won the battle against my organized schedule and type A behavior.  And I happily gave in.

After a good half an hour of trying to remove ourselves from the Four Seasons, we headed to the Wailea Golf Club for our first viewing of what was our number one contender for our wedding reception, Gannon’s.  It was pretty dark by this time but we knew it would be a good idea to have dinner at the venue to make sure everything would be acceptable.   We definitely had a lovely dinner and felt secure in going forward with this location.   As our amazing day came to an end, we drove back to our sad hotel in the pitch black night with a positive attitude excited about what would await us the next day.