Jocelyn's Monday Report #5

October 1, 2012

Site Visit Part 1

If I ever considered leaving Chicago, Maui would definitely be the top contender for where I would move.  To say I fell in love with Maui on my site visit is a true understatement of gargantuan proportions.  After two flights totaling nine hours, Fred and I were absolutely exhausted.  However the moment we finally arrived and stepped outside, serenity washed over me as I listened to the ocean humming its sweet music in my ears.  I was at peace.  Once we got our rental car, we were on our way in the pitch-black night down small town roads to our Priceline deal hotel in Kihei (so glad I remembered my GPS which was our very best friend on this trip). 
After arriving at the hotel, which shall remain nameless, we were less than pleased.  I felt like I was back in my freshman dorm room for the night.  I guess this is my fault though considering I was so excited about the deal and the fact that the hotel was right on the ocean.  The Trip Advisor reviews seemed better than average so I figured how bad could it be?  Well, to answer now it was pretty darn bad.  This is what we get for trying to save a few bucks here and there for our site visit due to upcoming wedding and honeymoon expenditures.  We stuck it out because we knew we would be back in a year living it up luxury style.  And by the time we actually checked into our room after a full day of travel, we were beat.  So off to sleep we went on a rock hard full sized bed.
I awoke early the next day to lovely chirping birds, gorgeous sunlight and ocean sounds.  Fred was still sleeping but I decided to take a quick stroll around.  As soon as I stepped around the corner from our room, I saw the beach and instantly forgot I was staying at the Bates Motel.  I realized this is why we are getting married here.  There was nothing like it.  I headed out to the beach and saw that there were already plenty of people standing around in awe like me.  I was surrounded by clear water and incredible mountain views that made me realize just how small all of my problems really were.  That’s the thing about Maui.  All petty issues seem to float away when you are enveloped by natural splendor.  I relaxed on the beach for an hour before heading back to the room.  Fred was already up, excited and getting ready for the day.  What would we do first?  Well I had a pretty comprehensive schedule mapped out for our four days (Type A remember?).  Our first stop: Hotels.  Can’t wait to share our experience next week.