Jocelyn's Monday Report #4

September 24, 2012 - Chicago

Destination wedding?  Check!  Location?  Check!   Date?  Umm well let’s see.  After careful thought, Fred and I simply decided to select our dating anniversary, October 28th, which serendipitously fell on a Friday the year of our wedding.  At that time, 11/11/11 was all the rage in wedding date land but we figured going with 10/28/11 instead of some arbitrary date that sounded cool would mean more to us in the end, and it would be easy to remember.  Double bonus!  So wedding date?  Check!
After we confirmed these details, I started the not-so-glamorous nor exciting research process.  I basically oversaw this process because I consider myself to be the queen of research.  I can toot my own horn a bit right?  I began with wedding venues narrowing down the list to my top three selections based on budget, locale, staff helpfulness, reviews, online photographs and miscellaneous perimeters.  I even emailed a few Maui brides to get their personal feedback.  There is nothing better than talking to a bride about her unique experience at the venue you are considering.  You get the “no holds barred” advice without the fluff ; the good, the bad and the ugly.  I highly recommend doing this to those currently planning their weddings..
Once I gained more prospective on venues, I explored hotel options in close proximity to my top spots.  Fred and I had a laundry list of wants, which included a resort that was inviting, relaxing, reasonably priced, and full of activities and amenities, basically what one would imagine a Hawaiian getaway should be. 
After all of the research I did, reviews I read and the photos I poured over, I still didn’t feel completely ready to pull the trigger on making final decisions.  So we decided to make the extremely tough decision to plan a site visit to Maui.  This was indeed the most difficult part of my wedding planning.  I’m sure you caught the sarcasm there.     I can’t wait to share the adventures of our site visit with you next week!