Jocelyn's Monday Report #2

September 9, 2012

by Jocelyn Delk Adams

Making the decision to have a destination wedding definitely came with its pros and cons. It was the year of my 30th birthday, and I was long over the childhood dream of a lavish ballroom wedding with hundreds of guests reminiscent to a Platinum Weddings episode. Fred and I discussed that a smaller, more intimate, wedding with our family and closest friends was our preference. It would be nearly impossible to have that vision in Chicago because my mother would invite the entire city to a big bash filled with people who only met me once in my entire life. Having the wedding in another location seemed like a sure fire way of avoiding the hoopla. Though a destination wedding seemed like a great option, I admit, in the beginning, my type A tendencies got the best of me and caused a bit of destination wedding anxiety. I realized I would have to give a lot of trust to my vendors especially because I wouldn’t know the ins and outs of whatever location we would select. This was terrifying. I am an event producer by trade after all! The hard part would be finding vendors that respected my professional background, sometimes lofty ideas and desperate need to be heavily involved and hands on. Typing this now, I am utterly apologetic to my amazing vendors and husband who had to deal with my severe control issues and bitter fits of rage when I didn’t quite get my way (just kidding about the bitter fits of rage part). At the end of the day, I did compromise, and Fred and I made the decision to have a wedding that would best fit “us” and our lifestyles. While I am definitely a bit flashier than my husband, we overall are pretty simple people with relaxed lives. From these ideals, our destination wedding plan was born. We just had to figure out where to have this wedding. To be continued…..