"Forever" Bouquets and Arrangements

Forever Bouquet

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Della, the creative force behind Dellables.com has been asked for years how one can preserve a bouquet.
Traditional cut flower bouquets can be preserved, but often appear taxodermic and sometimes even smell similar.  Della wanted something that can capture, and hold, the light of the tropical Maui sun in a unique way.

Today, we have the great pleasure of announcing our "Forever" line of wedding products which include Bouquets and Table Arrangements.

We can produce a "Forever" version that is similar to a floral bouquet that can then be taken home by the Bride, or she can simply use her "Forever" version, well forever.

Additionally, parts of the bouquet or table arrangements can be shared with special people in the wedding party.  Also, keepsakes from family heirlooms can be incorporated.

Forever Table Arrangement