Pretty bridesmaids all lined up in a row. God bless your girlfriends who stand up for you, the Bride.

They agree to all wear the dress, the one you have picked for them.  They all agree to dance, at least once, with one of the groomsmen.  They all secretly wonder whether they want to catch the bouquet toss, and wonder who will.

Bridesmaids.  Good stand-up girls, the ones you want be there, no matter what you ask them to eat, or how you ask them to fix their hair.

It's a lonely position they fit into, watching you the Bride.  Are they in love too?  Will they by chance meet a nice guy at your wedding?  Have they missed their chance?  Being in the wedding party is an honor indeed, but it is also a challenge.  They will watch you transition, like a butterfly, while they stand to your side wondering when they too can leave the cocoon.

So, be good to them.  Give them some great flowers!