Today's Lucky Bride

Today's Lucky Bride (and Groom) were at my favorite Secret Cove on Maui, enjoying the moment!  A moment only the Tropics could provide, with a little help from the Wizards of Wonderful over at A Paradise Dream Wedding.
Wedding Photography takes many forms ~ it can showcase the technical movement of light and lenses ~ often timing makes the magic stand still forever in the capture of that moment.   Those skills are required and not uncommon among the world's best professionals.  Yet, when you see a picture like this one, you know you are in the presence of a Master Photographer, a Michelangelo, if you will, of the art form.
Ian Shepard, one of the amazing guys that Gordon Nash has on his world class team of photographers choreographed this shot with that touch of genius rarely found, much less experienced.
Classic.  And that BOUQUET!  Wow Dellables!  Those dark lilies!
Maui No Ka Oi.