Maui on My Mind

One thing Maui enjoys as much as it's BEAUTY, WARMTH and OUTDOORS is it bountiful WIND!

We have some WIND here that will take the curls right out of your hair, on occassion.  Not tornados, hurricanes or thunderstorms, but TRADEWINDS that will take your umbrella all the way to Molokai and never get it wet.

In Kahana, out beyond Lahaina and Kaanapali are some beautiful private homes on spectacular coves and beaches. had the great pleasure to set up one of our new WIND-CHUPPAHS, using a new technique for anchoring the fabric!  It worked well.  In fact, this picture was takent he next day! Everything was still in place, despite all night and morning of 30knot trades.

Here, another classic shot from the lawn.  Absolutely Maui!