Another Happy Customer!

Amazingly enough, we never tire of seeing happy clients! In fact, we breath such happiness like it's oxygen - so we took a deep breath on this blog entry at Susan & Brad's little corner of the Net

we quote:

It's hard to believe that our Honeymoon is coming to an end

What an amazing couple of weeks it has been. We've been married for a week now & it has all seemed to go by so fast.
We had an amazing time on the shark tour yesterday morning. I don't care how many bars you have between you & them, when you see five 11' sharks & several other 5' "small" sharks, your heart beats a little quicker. Unfortunately our new camera took a dive on that tour as well. We were able to get video, but water somehow got into the camera & the LED screen went kaput. So, we took the camera to the Ritz store here in Waikiki & they have to send it for repair (the man in Maui told us that we'd be able to get another new questions asked. yeah, he lied). So, in the meantime, we've got disposables, baby! So, no new photos until we get home.
Today we went to Hanauma Bay & went snorkling. It was amazing......and you'll see those pictures at another time. :)
Thanks to Trish & Nancy, here are a few of pictures from the wedding. Hopefully these will satiate you until we get home on Sunday. :)

We'll see you on the mainland! Aloha!
P.S. Here's a close up picture of my bouquet. It was so cool. It had a little pineapple in it. It was perfect. Della did an amazing job on it! Perfectly tropical!!!

Posted by Susan at 12:03 AM