Back in the Saddle!

Yes, we are back in our shop!
Our 4 acre upcountry protea farm did indeed burn, but the house did not, the shop did not and our wedding design continues!

In fact, since the fire of June 18th, we have had the crazy-fun pleasure of giving 83 Brides the florals of their dreams.  The weather has been outstanding every single day, our flower suppliers have been as efficient and wonderful as ever.

Trish and Elana continue to work very hard with everyone on the phones and email.  Genie and Jove rock the island with arches, deliveries and smiles.  Everett keeps publishing these posts here, and on Facebook (now with almost 45,000 fans).  Dario, our Italian designer, has been opening people's eyes wide with his incredible productions!

... and Della keeps working the magic that has made her so lovable around the world.