Wedding Favors Ideas

We often get asked, over here at Dellables Central, about Wedding Favors  In fact we have just opened a Weddings Favors Shopping Island.

Last week we sold a Canadian wedding party a set of Hillhouse Naturals Farm Fresh Linen Collections.

Fresh Linen matched perfect with this daughter of a Dry Cleaner franchise owner and her fiancée, a Textile magnet.

Everyone in the wedding party got a sample along with their very generous gift baskets.

Send in your wedding favor ideas and we will add them to our Idea List.

New Wedding Favors

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our WEDDING FAVORS
selection: The Parrot Talks in Chocolate, a novel.
This book is a light hearted story of a family run Tiki Bar in the
remote jungles of tropical Maui. Read this before you or your guests
arrive for your wedding and you will all be in the Maui Mood!
Written by a local author!

Wedding Favors

We have had great success in suggesting wedding favors from one of our favorite websites:

Being in Maui, we get a lot of requests for something tropical, something 'beachy' and the Shells Collection at HillHouseNaturals often gets selected.

The Baby Shells Potpourri is fun, and adding some Starfish around the table is always a hit!

Anytime you have question you think we can help with, email us at and we will be happy to help.


Our Wedding Favors

A long way from home, a handful of timezones off and probably a bit of sunburn, and Your Wedding Guests are a little frazzled. Even a modest token of your appreciation can go a long way, and at Dellables, we have some rather unique ideas for you!

Our Wedding Favors Collection at the Dellables Store is an Easy way to put a smile on Uncle Grumpy's sunburn face!

Featuring the Award Winning ambiance of Hill House Naturals body creams (for that sunburn again!) room scents and their ever popular Living Green collection of soy candles and WINDPOWER produced packaging, these are all excellent choices!

Our other suggestion features Hawaii designed Extraordinary Art for Everyday Living (and they're not kidding!). The Jeff and Carol Lee team, from Oahu's inspirational North Shore, have put together an amazing portfolio of ideas for table settings, Gift Sets and 'take me home' ceramic art for everyday use and enjoyment.

These fabulous Artists can CUSTOMIZE with wedding dates, names, and any other Blessings you would like to bestow up those wonderful guests so far from home ~