Happy Brides!

can you feel the love?

Hi Della & Trish,
I have been meaning to write you for a while now since we came back from our honeymoon. I wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our flowers. I absolutely loved my bouquet. The small shell accents were perfect. Thank you for incorporating the pearl buttons from my mom's wedding dress. I liked how you attached them with the pins. The ceremony site and dinner table were beautiful as well. I know you have seen some of the photos from our wedding day, as I saw your blog had some of Anna's photos. I am also attaching a few other photos that you may not have seen. 
Thanks again!
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Today's Lucky Bride

Today's Lucky Bride (and Groom) were at my favorite Secret Cove on Maui, enjoying the moment!  A moment only the Tropics could provide, with a little help from the Wizards of Wonderful over at A Paradise Dream Wedding.
Wedding Photography takes many forms ~ it can showcase the technical movement of light and lenses ~ often timing makes the magic stand still forever in the capture of that moment.   Those skills are required and not uncommon among the world's best professionals.  Yet, when you see a picture like this one, you know you are in the presence of a Master Photographer, a Michelangelo, if you will, of the art form.
Ian Shepard, one of the amazing guys that Gordon Nash has on his world class team of photographers choreographed this shot with that touch of genius rarely found, much less experienced.
Classic.  And that BOUQUET!  Wow Dellables!  Those dark lilies!
Maui No Ka Oi.

A Shade of Yesteryear...

(repost from Today's Lucky Bride)

When you think about what exactly makes a Bride Lucky, our theme here at Todays Lucky Bride.com, you will find hundreds of examples with the professionals at A Paradise Dream Wedding.

Their photographers, world class in all regards, can capture, can inspire even, the look, the feel, the mojo of happiness, that a Lucky Bride must feel.

Here, Ian Shepard, one of their best, captures that 1940's From Here to Eternity look in a way that Hollywood could only aspire to!

Today's Lucky Bride

Today's Lucky Bride had only her groom, a minister and a musician to share the beautiful Sugarman Estate out at the end of the road in Makena.

Dellables created her vision of a four posted Chuppah with four floral arrangements, topped with a garland astride a full rose petal pathway.

As usual, the weather was pristine on Maui's southern shore.  The turtles were frolicking without any interference from those pesky oversized mammals the whales.  There were even a scattering of humans out and about enjoying the colorful reef and refreshing waters.

Today's Lucky Bride

Olowalu Plantation House, situated oceanside on about 3 acres of manicured lawn is a very popular place to get married.

The site fee is near the high end, but the location is absolutely worth every C-Note.

As such, the vendors, I find, do their best work here.  The weather is famously fab, the breezes cooling and the view, AH THE VIEW can catch the breath of even an old seasoned Kama'aina like myself.

Today's Lucky Bride had the great pleasure of taking her vows within the special magic of a Dellables chuppha adorned with three floral arrangements.  (click the images for big enlargements)

A Paradise Dream Wedding put on this fine event, and their great photo guy, Ian Shepard, was there to capture the moment. 

Life is good on Maui!

Today's Lucky Bride

Today's Lucky Bride had requested Tulips of pink and white.

We managed to import these direct from, yes you guessed it, Holland, via a very swift Fedex jet. After meeting the plane at the ramp, we whisked the valuable flowers off in our refrigerated van and back to the studios at Dellables.

In this picture the wind was trying to peel them open, so I had to take a quick shot and sequester them immediately.

The Bride's Mom was crying when she saw them, as she was Dutch herself and had not seen such high quality Tulips since she was a small child out in the farm district.

It was indeed a happy time all around!