Jocelyn's Monday Report # 8

Blog 8

Depression really set in when our last day on Maui arrived.  I started to adopt island life and the relaxation it provided, and I was dreading returning to the hustle and bustle of city life.  Fred and I definitely had a busy day ahead so we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our last day as much as I would have liked.  In fact, we had four more hotels to view.
Stop 1: Marriott Wailea

The Marriott Wailea had everything we wanted in a hotel.  It was not as opulent, or dare I say "grand", as the Grand Wailea but it definitely had an understated modern style that really suited us as a couple.  It had formal elements without feeling too stuffy.  The lobby felt comfortable, and the views were magical.  The hotel was right on the water so I imagined my guests walking along the beach at sunset.  Another pro was its close proximity to The Shops of Wailea, which was within walking distance.  This would provide our guests additional amenities such as shopping, dining and other entertainment options. While the group rate was a bit more than other hotels we would view that day, the hotel still became a top contender.
Stop 2: Hotel Wailea

This hotel was one of my favorites.  It was a boutique hotel, which I tend to prefer over chains.  It had such ambiance, style, personality and cool touches, like an amazing ceiling construction and lobby area that I would have loved to take photographs in.  It also offered full suites with mini kitchens at a very fair group rate price.  Our only problem with this property was its distance from the beach.  I loved the idea of our guests being able to step out of their rooms and walk right up to the water.  Though the hotel offered shuttles to the beach, The Shops of Wailea and other beach-front Wailea properties, the convenience factor was still a big con.  However, we still added this hotel to our top contender list.
Stop 3: Makena Beach Resort

This resort was massive and about a 5-minute drive from Wailea, where our wedding would take place.  Though this resort had many amenities potentially available to our guests, I hated the idea of them being confined to the hotel if they did not have a car.  The resort was also going through lots of renovations during the time we visited.  I will be honest.  Everything looked a bit dated to me, which is probably why they were renovating. It was hard to determine what the hotel would look like after renovations were completed so we decided this probably wasn’t a good fit.  We wanted to make a sound decision for our guests without any doubt.  This hotel did not make our top contender list.
Stop 4: Maui Coast Hotel

This hotel was also about 10 minutes from Wailea in Kihei, the area we stayed in. However it offered the most reasonable price for our guests.  It was a nice hotel but it did not offer nearly as many amenities as the others we saw.  This also did not have the appeal of the hotels in Wailea.  I think ambiance and location played a big role in this.  The rooms were very nice, updated and comfortable but this was more of a hotel I would stay in on a business trip, instead of a dream Hawaiian vacation.  Sadly, the Maui Coast Hotel did not make our top contender list.
After viewing all of the hotels, we packed up and prepared to return to Chicago.  Upon arrival back home, we decided our final hotel contenders were the Grand Wailea, Marriott Wailea and Hotel Wailea.  The final assessments were:
1. Grand Wailea- 
Pros: Gorgeous, Luxurious, Amazing Amenities, Right on the Water, close to wedding site
Cons: Most expensive group rate
2. Marriott Wailea- 
Pros: Beautiful property, great amenities including Shops of Wailea, Right on Water, close to wedding site
Cons: Not as luxurious as the Grand Wailea. Not as reasonable as Hotel Wailea's group rate
3. Hotel Wailea- Pros: Lovely and unique property, private, full suites, nice amenities, great group rate, close to wedding site
Cons:  Not a  waterfront property. Shuttle to beach and other Wailea area places
Fred edited all of the videos he shot with his flip cam of each of the hotels.   We shared all of them with our family and allowed them to vote for their favorite.  Now we are sharing our top contender videos with you!  Which hotel would you have picked for your guests?  Let me know!  I will share our final pick next time.

Anna Kim Photography & Dellables at Makena Beach and Golf Resort

Anna Kim Photography does it yet again!  Be sure to scroll down and see the "FLYING BOUQUETS"

Kelli and Daniel were married last month on the beautiful grounds of the Makena Beach and Golf Resort. I loved all the bright colors in this wedding, as well as the details, like the flowers arranged along the aisle.
Congratulations, Kelli & Daniel!
Ceremony & Reception: Makena Beach and Golf Resort
Officiant: Revernd Al Terry
Gorgeous florals: Della of Dellables
Make up artist: Cindy Walker
Maui_Wedding_Photography 2433Maui_Wedding_Photography 2434Maui_Wedding_Photography 2435Maui_Wedding_Photography 2436Maui_Wedding_Photography 2437Maui_Wedding_Photography 2438Maui_Wedding_Photography 2439Maui_Wedding_Photography 2440Maui_Wedding_Photography 2441Maui_Wedding_Photography 2442Maui_Wedding_Photography 2443Maui_Wedding_Photography 2444Maui_Wedding_Photography 2447Maui_Wedding_Photography 2445Maui_Wedding_Photography 2446Maui_Wedding_Photography 2448Maui_Wedding_Photography 2449Maui_Wedding_Photography 2450Maui_Wedding_Photography 2451Maui_Wedding_Photography 2452Maui_Wedding_Photography 2453Maui_Wedding_Photography 2454
A big mahalo to Nirav Patel for assisting me on this wedding!

Dimitri Photography and Dellables

* We always enjoy seeing photographer layouts of an entire wedding.  There you can see how our Dellables florals integrate into the event.  Outside of a studio shot you can feel the magic that both flowers and the celebration invoke, and that is always the best picture.
Here Dimitri Photography does just that!  Here's their blog post....

Sunday, September 04, 2011
gail and virgil :: the makena golf and beach resort

Gail and Virgil - this sweet and FUN couple stole our hearts. Their pure love and tender affection for each other are one of a kind. Both being the youngest of of their families, their wedding was extremely special for both sides. An exceptional celebration with friends and family from California, New Jersey, Texas and even the Philippines. 2 and 3 child families coming all that way - now thats love!
Virgil put tears in my eyes every time he spoke to Gail. What a complete gentleman :) Their ceremony was so heart felt with the Filipino wedding tradition of arras, which is the exchange of coins to symbolize their promise to support each other, followed by the tradition of the veil and the cord. These unique traditions full of culture and meaning made it all so sentimental.
We were so honored to photograph such a special couple's wedding - Congratulations Gail and Virgil! Thanks for the good times ......... and the gray goose ;)
Ciao, Sandra
Dmitri's perspective on the right and mine on left - For moments like this, one angle is just not enough for us - teamwork baby! - S
Gail's parents were so proud.
Gail - looking elegant and sophisticated. Love!
The first look - so important to us to capture this moment!
Huge thanks to all the talented wedding vendors who helped make this soiree a huge success!
officiant - Rev. Alapaki
floral design - Dellables
entertainment - DJ Boomshot

La Makena Vista ~ with Anna Kim Photography

La Makena Vista, the latest wedding venue here on Maui is hosted by the new Makena Beach and Golf Resort.

These outstanding photographs from Anna Kim Photography really show how fantastic this venue is.

Of course the Team that organized to pull this off was wonderful to work with:

Organizer & Visionary: Genevieve De Rego ~ Wedding & Catering Service Manager for the resort.
The exquisite floral arrangements: Dellables by Della ~ This woman’s flower arrangements are art. They speak for themselves.
Make up: Jessica Waite ~ Maui’s top make-up artist. This girl has such a lively personality. We’ll be working closely in the future.
Hair: Dan Sanchez ~ I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for him as he did wonders for my hair on my own wedding day. The man is brilliant.
Models: The gorgeous Reba & Clifton Dodge.

The Vista Photo Shoot (part 2 of 2)

As promised in an earlier post this is the second setup we did at the new, and beautiful Makena Beach & Golf Resort's new wedding venue ~ The Vista.

Genevieve DeRego arranged for Dellables Wedding Design and Florals to provide the decor, bouquets, flowers and design, and we were glad to be a part of it.

Dan Sanchez did the model's gorgeous hair and Jessica Waite her fabulous makeup.

The Vista Photo Shoot (Part 1 of 2)

Recently, we had the absolute thrill of doing some creative work for Genevieve DeRego of the Makena Beach and Golf Resort here on Maui.

It was located at their new WEDDING VENUE called The Vista.  The name says it all, with spectacular sunset views of Molokini, Lanai, Molokai and the West Maui mountains.

Dan Sanchez did the model's gorgeous hair and Jessica Waite her fabulous makeup.

The predictable Maui weather was its usual perfect.  A light breeze added some flow to our crystal curtain and to the fabric.

The models were actually celebrating their one year anniversary so this was a treat for them as well.

*** Stay tuned for more of the photo shoot tomorrow, when we get REAL CREATIVE

The Makena Vista

The Makena Beach & Golf Resort on Maui has opened Makena Vista, a new event space with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and neighboring Hawaiian Islands from near the 14th hole of the Makena Golf Course. A short shuttle ride from the resort, the landscaped area accommodates up to 150 guests. For event bookings made from Feb. 1 to Oct. 31, guests can receive up to a 50 percent introductory discount on the site fee for Makena Vista, including transportation, for events of 50 people or more. For more information, call 800-321-6284 or visit

They hosted a wonderful introduction party tonight to local Maui vendors and EVERYONE was impressed.  The Resort Formally Known as Prince has reinvented themselves with fresh talent and established beauty to create a new venue for Weddings on Maui.  Check it out!  

Give Genevieve DeRego a shout out to arrange this competitively price venue!

Maui Beach & Golf Resort ~ Arch

This beautiful white and yellow tropical bamboo arch was erected for the new Makena Beach and Golf Resort.

The resort formally known as Prince has rebranded into a newly management venue that has some of Maui's best service and views!

Leo Tai runs their Wedding Dream department.  This particular bride had Hawaiian drums, song and dance accompany her entrance.  Not sure how Leo arranged for the perfect sunset, but all together it made for quite an event!

Personally, I can attest to the fantastic beach and swimming available just on the other side of this arch.....if you don't mind warm waves, friendly sea turtles and frisky whales. 

Truly an experience even a long time islander finds exhilarating.