From Ceremony to Reception ~ Spectacular Flowers!

From Ceremony site to your Reception, your Dellables florals can stay with you!
Here you can see how the decor from the Keawala'i Church (on the beach in Makena) moved to the reception at Gannon's outside dining (in Wailea) and made the moment in both places.

the decor at Keawala'i Church
Pew Arrangements at Keawala'i

Floating roses with crystals at Keawala'i

Window Decor at Keawala'i
the Topiaries make fine table arrangements at Gannon's
Gannon's looking east toward Haleakala
the pew decor and floating roses get a new life at Gannon's

Thanks to:
Rev. Kealahou C. Alika @ Keawala'i Congregational Church
America Salinas @ Gannon's By the Sea