Shelbie & Jacob at Sugarman's Maui

Sugarman's Estate in Makena is already spectacular.  Add Jana Morgan Photography, Hawaii Weddings by Tori Rogers and Dellables and you've got the recipe for magic!  Add Shelbie & Jacob and you've got a magical wedding! 0079 0076 0074 0065 0064 0063 0062 0061 0060 0056 0055 0817 0671 0653 0651 0590 0565 0564 0559 0553 0551 0544 0537 0534 0522 0520 0513 0492 0489 0455 0436 0432 0430 0410 0389 0382 0377 0376 0375 0368 0367 0311 0280 0274 0269 0206 0196 0195 0179 0147 0144 0142 0140 0138 0134 0129 0126 0104 0101

Anna Kim Photography & Dellables @ Olowalu

Anna Kim makes the magic palatable, again!




Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Olowalu Plantation House, Maui Wedding Coordinator: Tina Digman of Food for the Soul Catering: Food for the Soul Wedding Makeup: MeiLi Autumn Wedding Hair: Dan Sanchez Salon Florals: Dellables Second Photographer: Jessica of Anna Kim Photography Bar: Stacey of Maui Bars Are Us DJ: DJ Dan Maui


Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 1
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 2
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 3
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 4
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 5
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 6
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 7
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Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 17
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 18
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 19
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 20
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 21
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 22
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 23
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 24
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 25
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 26
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 27
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 28
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 29
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 30
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 31
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 32
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 33
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 34
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 35
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 36
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 37
Olowalu_Planation_Wedding 38



Back in the Saddle!

Yes, we are back in our shop!
Our 4 acre upcountry protea farm did indeed burn, but the house did not, the shop did not and our wedding design continues!

In fact, since the fire of June 18th, we have had the crazy-fun pleasure of giving 83 Brides the florals of their dreams.  The weather has been outstanding every single day, our flower suppliers have been as efficient and wonderful as ever.

Trish and Elana continue to work very hard with everyone on the phones and email.  Genie and Jove rock the island with arches, deliveries and smiles.  Everett keeps publishing these posts here, and on Facebook (now with almost 45,000 fans).  Dario, our Italian designer, has been opening people's eyes wide with his incredible productions!

... and Della keeps working the magic that has made her so lovable around the world.

Mommy, Where do Flowers Come From?

Many people think that all their beautiful fresh Wedding flowers are grown right here in the tropical paradise of Maui.  Ah!, but that is far from the reality of what is required to make that special day, special.

The amazing people up Kula way at Atrium Design Works pull off incredible feats of importation on a daily basis.  Tulips from Amsterdam, Orchids from Thailand, Roses from Ecuador and countless varieties from the richness of California.

Fortunately for Maui, and her Brides, at least 40 airliner arrivals a day land here from far-away-places, most bringing something unique and special to Atrium Design Works.

There, they prune, feed and enhance the natural beauty to its maximum clarity so that vendors like Dellables Wedding Design and Florals can excel at what they do.

If it wasn't for them, we could only talk the talk and not walk the walk.  BIG MAHALOS!

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the Plumeria

The Plumeria Flower. Amazing in it's delicate fragrance and multitude of color combinations, the import to Hawaii from Central America is the stuff of legends!

It is so common and has thrived so well in the Hawaiian islands that many people believe it originated here, but no. It was imported in the mid 1800s.

Related to the Oleander the sap is milky and poisonous, but only if ingested.

One interesting biological we found on Wikipedia was this:

"Plumeria flowers are most fragrant at night in

order to lure sphinx moths to pollinate them. The flowers have no nectar, and simply dupe their pollinators. The moths inadvertently pollinate them by transferring pollen from flower to flower in their fruitless search for nectar."

Tricky flower this one, and abundant here on Maui and all the other islands. Perfect for leis, floating arrangements and especially popular single, behind the ear.

We love working with these beautiful and relatively hardy flowers here at Dellables, so be sure to ask for them if you find them as attractive!

Pali Makai Estate in Haiku

It is always nice to work close to home, and the Pali Makai Estate in our neighborhood of Haiku is literally 3 miles away.

Add to this some dazzle by Events by Evonne, a full moon, and a trade wind breeze straight off a 3000 mile journey across the Pacific Ocean, and you have the recipe for success!

Della created 4 foot long customized flower boxes that held some 100 individual Masterpieces of Nature.  Four of these spanned the dining tables and being low in profile, afforded the guests to frame their opposite diner with both tropical mountains and ocean in the near distance with colorful flowers in the foreground.  Yummy indeed!

Additionally, some famous San Francisco Image Inventors were there to catalog the wonder:
Ann HamiltonGene Higa and Anton Lorimer

Here are some more pictures, as well as one of the 6 foot tall Topiaries, elegant in every regard.  We even matched the color of our bamboo to those of the Chivari chairs!  Yes, we know, amazing.

For a map of this location see the Google Sat Map below!  Click on the letter A

Enjoy, and Aloha

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City Blooms

Thanks to Evonne for turning us on to this extravaganza of floral delight!  Can you imagine such a layout?  Not in Maui, with all the wind we have, but look at this Belgium plaza, surrounded by centuries of beautiful architecture. 

We learned that this plaza hosts several different events like this, with different kinds of flowers.  Sort of a marketing blitz for the farmers and marketers of different niches in the flower growers industry.

Be sure to click these images for enlargements.  Or you can check out the UK website that posted them originally.