Dining by the Sea

Kailani House on Maui's south shore is one of the few remaining private homes still there.  Surrounded beyond it's several acres of yard by condos, this open floorplan home is the host to many fortunate Brides.

Yesterday, as the whales were performing just off shore, we set up a Dining Canopy and some awesome table arrangements using Maui's famous Protea flowers.

It was absolutely stunning.  The wind was up, but the house sheltered everyone perfectly!

Post of a Post...

The Internet is a great data gathering tool! Just this morning, we saw a post on one of our favorite blogs, Events by Evonne, where Evonne was being featured on one of her favorite blogs, Melissa's Smitten.

Evonne did indeed put together quite an event at the featured wedding, and used our Dellables florals and dining canopies. It was indeed a presentation that took the magic up a notch, even for those of us used to seeing fine weddings.

We blogged this same wedding at home back in October as well, Elegance by the Sea.

It was a wedding worth writing about, again and again...

Elegance by the Sea

We had the great pleasure to again work with Events By Evonne and grace the grounds of the Honua Kai Lani Estate with our fabric draped bamboo Dining Canopies.

Situated on the south facing shoreline of our beautiful island, we placed the Canopies about 20 feet from the slightly elevated edge of the famous La Perouse Bay.  The ocean was it's usual calm and inviting self, but this late in the afternoon, only a few turtles were enjoying the warm waters.

The theme colors were bronze and crimson, which were highlighted quite dramatically by the red table linens.  Once Della added her multitude of table arrangements it was just what a Bride would expect for her special day!

Mosaic candle holders were specially ordered from Asia along with red tea light holders from New York. 

The larger square vases were anchored with crystal marbles and half filled with Maui rain water.  There, the Ecuadorian roses, Big Island orchids and ginger, California dahlias rested comfortably awaiting their admirers.

The caterers then set a fine setting and with a perfectly timed sunset and a specially ordered Full Moon, the wedding party settled into a very enjoyable evening indeed.

 Inside the Dining Canopies we suspended thin bamboo poles to support customized silk Chinese lanterns with a low wattage ambient bulb.  Very nice touch.  
Beyond the canopies, and not in these pictures we had a 100 foot string of nylon "moon lights" with sufficient lighting for the small dance floor and the outdoor furniture.  
The weather, as usual, cooperated fully saving the blessed rain for after midnight, when all the guests had long since departed.  
The wedding party, from the San Francisco area, commented that despite many trips to the Islands in the past, this particular evening, with it's special ambience and decorations, did indeed make a most lasting impression on one and all.
We couldn't agree more!

Seaside Dining Delight

As evening approached on the south Maui coastline, on this multi-acre private estate in Makena, Honua Kai Lani, the elegant Bamboo Dining Canopies were waiting patiently for their inhabitants.

Paper lanterns swung lightly in the fragrant air moving ever so slightly out toward the reef and the dozens of playful turtles. The afternoon tourist snorkelers were all gone, leaving the stillness to a very fortunate Wedding party.

This 11 acre ocean side estate has many great locations to setup either dining canopies or arches or large dancing floors! Dellables situated their dining location mere steps from the ocean on a small point framed by a nice jungle and a small sandy cove. Lovely only begins to describe what you feel, not just see. Put a couple of Hawaiian islands (Lanai, Molokini and Kohoolawe) on the near horizon and you have nothing short of Magic.

Now add some Dellables.com enhancements and you are there!
Check out this custom ordered, custom designed head table arrangement that met the Bride's unique idea of "going green"! We constructed the bamboo lined container from recycled wood and filled it with fine Maui soil and her favorite miniature bear grass.

This grass is now planted, and thriving, at the Dellables.com Nursery on the tropical north shore of Maui.

Finally, you must take a look at the tall black bamboo chuppa! Here, the couple exchanged their vows on yet another outcropping of land in this spectacular location. It borders the first cove ever anchored by European explorers way back when, La Perouse Bay.

This is one of our favorite locations to setup!

Oceanfront Dining Canopies

A new product here at Dellables are, even if I am partial, absolutely striking! Four posted, double-draped in fine fabric, organic bamboo structures which fit into any reception area perfectly.

Add some elegant paper lanterns down the middle and you are flirting with magic!

Leo Tai at the Maui Prince Resort was gracious enough to host this fine wedding created by the talents of Evonne of Events by Evonne. It was a spectacularly beautiful day, even by Maui standards.

Watching the team of folks putting this altogether was akin to a stage production orchestrated perfectly. The Chivari chairs by Pacific Isle Rentals, and the Linens by Pacific Event Group, Inc made it so stylish that you would never know you were on an island in the middle of the Pacific. Maui is unique that way, talented people amidst stunning tropical settings.

Della's table arrangements, offset by votive candles kept the feeling at the settings elegant but personal.

These arrangements can be taken back to the guest rooms, the bar, or I have even seen them with a couple of candles wander off to secluded parts of the beach sharing a moment with the full moon.

Later than evening, the Dining Canopies hosted private conversations for special guests that enjoyed such a fine event in such a fine location.

If you look closely, it appears they are eating cake...