Press Release - Spring 2010

*** Serving All Hawaiian Islands ***
We at Dellables have been so fortunate to work with the most amazing Coordinators, Hotels and Brides here on Maui!! Over the years we have designed many weddings and events and brought our absolute passion for this industry to everyone. As a result we have been honored with an award from the Knot as the Best of Hawaii Florist. This is an award that Brides have chosen for Dellables. We have also received a “5 Star Rating” award from Project Weddings.
I want to take a moment to say thank you to all of the Coordinators, Hotels and Brides that I have been fortunate enough to work with. Without you this award would not have been possible. Mahalo.
We are now offering lighting, tents, tiki-torches, tables, chivari chairs, lounge furniture, chandeliers and
consultations. We love working directly with your Brides to create their vision of their wedding and make their
wedding ideas a reality.

We are also now servicing all the Hawaiian Islands. We also carry all the required insurance so your destination resort venue can be accommodated. You can also follow us on Facebook as well as our blog
I hope you will consider Dellables for your wedding and events. I would be happy to meet you to discuss any of your wedding/event needs.
For more information about Dellables Wedding Design and Florals contact or call 808.344.1811 P.O.Box 791404, Paia, Maui, Hawaii 96779

Good Reviews:

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1 review for A Paradise Dream Wedding

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Photo of Heather F.
Foster City, CA


I didn't start planning my wedding when I was 4.  I didn't start when I first fell in love.  I didn't start when all my friends seemed to be planning their own weddings.  I didn't start when I acquired enough experience as a bridesmaid and maid of honor to add this to my resume.  And I definitely didn't start when Pete proposed.  When I did realize that the wedding wasn't going to magically happen without any effort on my part, I began to panic.  I had no idea what I wanted.  I didn't really care about the details.  I just knew that we wanted to get married in Maui.

After looking at many, many wedding photographer websites in Maui, and many wedding planning sites, I found A Paradise Dream Wedding.  My search ended the second I laid eyes on Gordon Nash's work.  I was content with working with any company that was associated with Gordon.  Even better, his company!  

As this wedding was planned 100% long distance, I put my trust in the wonderful staff at A Paradise Dream Wedding.  From the moment I spoke to Joanne Earles over the phone, I was confident that I made the right choice.  She was personable and professional.  Then I began to communicate with my coordinator, Jo Thurman, and I felt like my best friend was helping me plan my wedding.  She helped me every single step of the way and she erased any stress or worry.  Jo answered each of my questions promptly and thoroughly, and sent me a wealth of pictures of different wedding sights, reception sights, etc.  She gave great suggestions but was never pushy and she happily supported my decisions.  All the stress was taken out of planning a wedding, because Jo handled everything.  And she did it so well!  Pete & I simply had to show up.

A Paradise Dream Wedding coordinates the photography (there are so many amazing photographers, check out their portfolios on the sight), hair/makeup, the minister, flowers, the cake, catering, the reception, travel planning, and many, many more areas.  I took advantage of just about every service, and it was nice to have everything covered like this.  I trusted that A Paradise Dream Wedding was affiliated with great vendors, and my experience showed me they definitely are.

I cannot recommend the photographers enough.  My hubby and I are super nervous in front of the camera, and quite unphotogenic, but our wedding album is full of gorgeous pictures from Gordon.  He's amazing.  Simply amazing.

My flowers were done by Dellables (by Della Peacock) and I was thoroughly impressed.  I told her I wanted bright Hawaiian flowers.  That's it.  Upon further questioning, I sent her one picture of a bouquet I liked, but then added that I didn't love it, but maybe she could kind of get the idea.  This poor woman had nothing to go on!  I thought I didn't really care about flowers until I saw my bouquet.  I was blown away by how beautiful it was.  She made a bouquet that was more beautiful than I could have imagined and was exactly my style.  Della made corsages and boutonnieres for several members of my family, and her work is just gorgeous.

From start to finish, I had an extremely positive experience working with the staff at A Paradise Dream Wedding.  I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to work with a very professional, extremely organized company who handles all the details, so you don't have to!  I didn't think a wedding could be stress free, especially after seeing what some of my friends went through, but it completely can be.  I know, because mine was!

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Another Happy Customer!

Amazingly enough, we never tire of seeing happy clients! In fact, we breath such happiness like it's oxygen - so we took a deep breath on this blog entry at Susan & Brad's little corner of the Net

we quote:

It's hard to believe that our Honeymoon is coming to an end

What an amazing couple of weeks it has been. We've been married for a week now & it has all seemed to go by so fast.
We had an amazing time on the shark tour yesterday morning. I don't care how many bars you have between you & them, when you see five 11' sharks & several other 5' "small" sharks, your heart beats a little quicker. Unfortunately our new camera took a dive on that tour as well. We were able to get video, but water somehow got into the camera & the LED screen went kaput. So, we took the camera to the Ritz store here in Waikiki & they have to send it for repair (the man in Maui told us that we'd be able to get another new questions asked. yeah, he lied). So, in the meantime, we've got disposables, baby! So, no new photos until we get home.
Today we went to Hanauma Bay & went snorkling. It was amazing......and you'll see those pictures at another time. :)
Thanks to Trish & Nancy, here are a few of pictures from the wedding. Hopefully these will satiate you until we get home on Sunday. :)

We'll see you on the mainland! Aloha!
P.S. Here's a close up picture of my bouquet. It was so cool. It had a little pineapple in it. It was perfect. Della did an amazing job on it! Perfectly tropical!!!

Posted by Susan at 12:03 AM

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