Jocelyn's Monday Report #7

Blog 7

There was nothing like waking up in Maui.  The birds were happily chirping, the sun was brightly beaming, and the waves were peacefully crashing.  Our second day there was a super exciting day.  We were going to view our ceremony site and meet our wedding planner and florist for the first time.   In the late morning after a nice breakfast, Fred and I headed back to the Wailea Golf Course, home of Molokini Lookout, our top ceremony location contender. We were instructed to head to the top of the hill where we would follow Cherise, our wedding planner, down the private gated road to the space.
I found Cherise online after weeks of frantically researching Maui planners who had to meet the following criteria: 1. Friendly, 2. Professional, 3. Organized, 4. Knowledgeable 5. Reasonably Priced and 6. Tolerant.    Tolerant was definitely crucial given how indecisive I, not to mention my family, can be.  We needed our planner to roll with the punches and be ready for any random changes that may occur.  Cherise was all we asked for and more.
When we pulled up to the venue, Cherise introduced herself, and I remember thinking what a sweet spirit she was.  As we began walking up to Molokini Lookout, my breath was simply taken away.  The utter seclusion and panoramic view was unlike anything I had ever experienced.  Fred and I knew it was absolutely perfect for our ceremony.  I imagined the view of the Pacific Ocean and nearby mountains serving as the backdrop for our vows, and it made me so happy.   I couldn’t believe I would have to wait an entire year to come back to this space.
Molokini Lookout
After our viewing of Molokini Lookout, we headed back down the hill to Gannon’s to discuss further details and meet our florist Della.  Meeting Della was like meeting an old pal or even a family member.  We immediately felt so comfortable with her as if we had known her for years.  She was filled with joy and creativity and was so funny she kept me laughing.   She was just fantastic. 
This was probably one of the most laid-back event planning meetings I have ever encountered.  Before we came to Maui, I pulled together several inspiration boards with ideas for the color palette and theme of the wedding which I themed “tropical bohemian elegance.”  Cherise and Della totally got my vision from day one.  We laughed. We discussed décor ideas. We talked about design and colors, and we decided then and there that we were working together.  Done, done, done and done. 
Cherise at Gannon's Wailea
Leaving that meeting, I definitely knew I had the right team -- my Dream Team -- that was going to give us the wedding we always dreamed of.  We just had to pick a hotel now to complete our site visit, and we still had quite a few to see with only one more day on the island.