Bouquets and Butterflies

In this business your work is, well, your work. Creative yes, but work nonetheless. Work you enjoy and hope your clients will.

This particular Bride was especially happy. Her venue was a little known cove on the southern shore of Maui. Her Groom was handsome and attentive. Her weather was absolutely perfect!

And, her bouquet, from Dellables was graced by a cooperative butterfly.

It's enough to make us smile all day long!

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Dellables Butterfly Bouquet

Dellables is pleased to announce a new variation available on ALL of our Bridal Bouquets....

the Butterfly Bouquet add-on!

Actually, we were just LUCKY to get these shots, as the little insects will move slowly, but not reliably.

No, you cannot keep them as pets, as they will fly away after they gather enough of the sun's warmth.

They will even sit still on your hand!  Be sure to ask when you order your Wedding Flowers.