Mommy, Where do Flowers Come From?

Many people think that all their beautiful fresh Wedding flowers are grown right here in the tropical paradise of Maui.  Ah!, but that is far from the reality of what is required to make that special day, special.

The amazing people up Kula way at Atrium Design Works pull off incredible feats of importation on a daily basis.  Tulips from Amsterdam, Orchids from Thailand, Roses from Ecuador and countless varieties from the richness of California.

Fortunately for Maui, and her Brides, at least 40 airliner arrivals a day land here from far-away-places, most bringing something unique and special to Atrium Design Works.

There, they prune, feed and enhance the natural beauty to its maximum clarity so that vendors like Dellables Wedding Design and Florals can excel at what they do.

If it wasn't for them, we could only talk the talk and not walk the walk.  BIG MAHALOS!

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