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Jeanne and Della on site in Kuau, Maui

Jeanne and Della on site in Kuau, Maui


It's our People

When Della Peacock first started Dellables back in 1995 it was a creative endeavor to bring color to children's furniture on the North Shore of O'ahu, Hawaii.

When she moved to Maui in 2001, and her own kids grew up, it morphed into a way to bring color to wedding florals.... and fabulous textures, design and inspiration to the Brides that had the good fortune to find Dellables.com

Now, the growing team of inspired artists include Jeanne McKay-Givens, and Kira, Livi as well as Della's husband. (plus a secret magician that is incredibly helpful)

As any successful business will profess, it is the People that make it work.  


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Dellables, Inc.

*NOT our retail location.  Please CALL before visiting!

345 Cooke Road

Kula, Maui, Hawaii 96790

(808) 344-1811  della@dellables.com

Timezone:  Hawaiian Standard, GMT -10

* 2 or 3 hours earlier than California, 5 or 6 earlier than New York (No DST in Hawaii)

* We accept ALL credit cards and PAYPAL.

* A deposit is required to "Save Your Date"

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